Monday, May 3, 2010

1 Malaysia, 1 Telugu Convoy

The Telugu Association of Malaysia’s National Youths has successfully held the ’1 Malaysia, 1 Telugu Convoy‘ from TSN,Rawang to Genting Highlands. About 100 youths from all over the branches participated in the convoy in 23 cars. On behalf of TAM Bagan Datoh Branch, 11 youths have joined the convoy in three cars. They are

1. Venggataraman Subramaniam, Branch’s Youth Chairman
2. Subramaniam Narasimalu, Branch’s Youth Deputy Chairman
3. Ramakrishna Rao Ramaloo, Branch’s Youth Vice Chairman
4. Vengkateswara Rao, Branch’s Youth Vice Chairman
5. Srinevasa Rao Sannasi, Branch’s Youth Secretary
6. Sylesh Kanayya, Branch’s Youth Assistant Secretary
7. Jegathees Rao Mariah, Branch’s Youth Treasurer
8. Laxmana Rao, Branch’s Youth Committee Member
9. Sriniwasrao Ramanaidu
10. Nageswara Rao Appalanaidu
11. Ugeswara Rao Ananda Rao

Here is a summary of what we had experienced in the convoy chronologically.

1st May 2010
4.30am- We started our journey from Bagan Datoh to TSN, Rawang. We stopped a while at Kuala Selangor to have a cup of tea. Youths from Simpang Empat Branch joined us there. We resumed our journey together with the Simpang Empat Branch Youths after having some discussions and sharing jokes. We stopped a while in Rawang Toll Rest Area to fresh up. Then we resumed our journey to TSN.
8.00am- We reached TSN, Rawang. We had our breakfast, then registered ourselves and bought the convoy T-Shirt. All our 11 youths who participated were smartly dressed in Youth’s Corporate Shirt. Our Branch’s Youth Chairman bought the convoy cap for all of us. Thank you to him. We took our place in the hall and listened to the speeches by Mr Athinarayana Rao, Mr Vengkat Ramanaidu, Dr Achaiah Kumar Rao and also the newly elected member of parliament of Hulu Selangor, YB P.Kamalanathan. Our Branch’s Youth Treasurer, Mr Jegathees Rao who is also the Ketua Pemuda MIC Bahagian Bagan Datoh took the opportunity to garland YB P.Kamalanathan.
11.00am- YB P.Kamalanthan flags off the TAM Youth 1 Malaysia, 1 Telugu Convoy from TSN, Rawang. Our first stop was in Batu Caves, Selangor. We had our lunch in the canteen of SJK(T) Batu Caves. Then we resumed our convoy after our lunch.

2.30pm- We reached our apartments in Genting Highlands. Mr Vengkat Ramanaidu and Mr Mahendra Rao briefed us about the programme as well as the rules and regulations that need to be adhered. We get into our apartments and get to know with other Youths from different branches. Then, all of us went 4 swimming. We played a game which seems to be like 'water polo' but eventually turned more aggressive like‘water rugby’. However, we enjoyed playing together with other branch’s youths.

7.30pm – Went to Genting Highland’s Sri Kaliamman Temple. We joined in the prayers and also in the Bhajan. After the bhajan, few of our Branch Youths together with few of other branch youths helped to serve food to all the participants. Thank you to the temple’s committee for arranging the things very well for us.
10.00pm- We were back to our apartments. We went to a conference room. There, brainstorming session was held. Mr Venkat and Mr Mahen talked bout few important things about developing Telugu Youths as well as efficient leadership. They were also a few topics which were selected to be debated. Almost every one of the participants had participated in the debate and gave their opinion. During intervals, a few youths took the opportunity to make some jokes and make everyone to laugh. Among the youths were our branch’s youth vice chairman, Mr Vengkateswara Rao.

2nd May 2010
2.00am- The end of talk for that day. We went to a restaurant to have a cup of tea after the session had finished and then we went back to our respective apartments to sleep.

8.00am- We had our breakfast and headed to the conference room. There, we were divided in groups. Group discussions were held and every one of the Youths talked about their respective subject. Two youths from Bagan Datoh Branch, Mr Srinevasa Rao and Mr Nageshwara Rao won the quiz contest that was conducted a day earlier.

1.00pm- We had our lunch and pack up our things from our apartments. Photography session were held and then we make a move back to Bagan Datoh. Two cars from Sitiawan Branch Youths and one car from Simpang Empat Branch Youths joined together with us in our journey back home.

7.00pm- We reached Simpang Empat and we had our dinner at a restaurant here. Simpang Empat Branch’s Youths and Mr Mahen also joined us for the dinner.

8.30pm- We went back to our respective houses. Sayonara ‘1 Malaysia, 1 Telugu’ Youth Convoy 2010

Note : ‘We’ in the above summary refers to the Youths of Bagan Datoh Branch who had participated in the Convoy

Our special thanks to Mr Vengkat, Mr Mahen, Mr Daya, Mr Kumar and Mr Mages for organising this convoy very well for us. It has been a platform for us to get to know with Youths from other branches as well as to get some useful information. Thank you. Jai Telugu Thalli!

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